Services & Rates


Linear Concrete Cutting, Inc.

 Concrete Flat Sawing
Asphalt Flat Sawing
Core Drilling
Hand Sawing
​Decorative Cutting
Expansion Joints


Concrete Cutting: Flat Sawing, Core Drilling and Hand Sawing: 
3 hour minimum
Includes: 1 hour travel and 2 hours on site

​*PWC Registered*  

Prices are a basic guideline and will adjust per job/bid. Additional travel will incur additional charges based on distance and time. We suggest providing a laborer to vacuum while we cut to help cut costs and keep the job on schedule. Removal and disposal of slurry = $1.75 per gallon. Hourly charges will be added if there is standby, job is not ready, layout, excessive equipment moving.

We carry $2 mil/1 mil liability insurance